If your computer system has begun decreasing or you need to keep it among the very first points you might consider is running the disk defragmenter device. Regrettably there is malware that benefits from this as well as presents itself as an advanced system scanner and also defragmenter to aid you to maximize your computer.

This malware cleverly plays on a name similar to the home windows disk defragmenter however instead called itself the system defragmenter as well as methods many people into thinking it coincides, otherwise a comparable item from Microsoft.

The single purpose of this malware is to get you to get the complete version of it, which does definitely nothing to improve computer system efficiency and may in fact make it worse than before.

Just how does this malware trick you?

This malware appearance is comparable to an authentic disk defragmenter. It usually gets on your computer system by fooling you right into thinking it is an authentic software application and once mounted it is extremely hard to remove. It will certainly after that run a phony system check as well as report many hard disk as well as system errors. The much longer this malware remains on your computer system the more mistakes it will certainly generate in an attempt to make you buy it.

You will see mistakes like:

  • 1 your hard disk has bad fields.
  • 2 your computer has serious windows registry errors.
  • 3 your CPU is overheating.
  • 4 your computer system is contaminated with malware causing disk corruption.

This malware then educates you that all this can be dealt with by running the complete version of this item. To quit this you require to eliminate the system defragmenter infection rapidly.

Just how do you get rid of this?

  • 1 The first step is to stop this malware from running at all. To do this start task manager by appropriate clicking on the job bar, then choose task supervisor.
  • 2 when the task supervisor opens up most likely to the procedures tab and discovers a procedure called exe. Exe. Click it with your mouse as well as highlight it and after that click on the end process at the bottom of the task manager box.
  • 3 Beginning the registry editor from the beginning food selection. To do this most likely to start, after that run and enter regedit. Then go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Run “exe.exe and remove this exe.exe entrance.
  • 4 Once you have actually done this search for and erase the following data and program folders.
  1. a) maindll.dll
  2. b) Get rid of the system defragmenter.lnk documents or shortcut from the desktop.
  3. c) Erase the system defragmenter folder from the programs folder.

As soon as you have done all this reactivate your computer. If you have done whatever properly you need to discover that you have actually removed the system defragmenter virus. If it is still there either you have slipped up or the infection has regenerated itself using concealed windows registry as well as system documents. If this is the case you require to use the next choice to remove it.

Automatic approach to eliminate this malware

If you have actually been not able to remove this malware adhering to the steps above the next step is to download and run a system and registry scanner. Guarantee you do not download and install more malware! A genuine system scanner will certainly scan the windows pc registry and the windows files for any type of malware as well as stop it. It will certainly then assist you to eliminate any kind of trace of the system defragmenter infection and also get rid of it completely.

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