The function of this short article is to provide a solution to some fundamental questions usual people may have concerning Linux. Linux is a cost-free OS whose popularity is increasing day by day and passed from being the toy of a small geek team to a robust and fully grown piece of code even to start testing Microsoft Windows leadership.

  1. What is precisely Linux?
  2. Actually 3 different points yet coming from the exact same atmosphere are named Linux. Initially it was utilized to call the bit of the Linux Operating System (whose total name ought to be for this reason “GNU Linux”) and also at some point it was used to just refer to the Linux Operating System. Finally, a great deal of application software was added both by spontaneous shows teams and by software firms, developing software program collections likewise known as distributions. So nowadays the name Linux is utilized for 3 various things: the bit, the operating system and also the circulation.
  3. Who developed Linux?
  4. The writer of the Linux kernel is primarily Linus Torvalds, a finnish computer science professional who created it as an experiment throughout his university job. Later, a group of volunteers aided him enhancing and also enhancing it.
  5. Are Unix and Linux the very same thing?
  6. No, though Linux has actually been composed from the Unix code. Anyway, it is so similar to the os family members called “Unix” to the point that professionals utilize to describe Linux as “Unix like”
  7. How much does it cost?
  8. Linux is totally free and also it features a licence known as “GNU GPL”, which grants complimentary use, free access to the source code (Linux circulations frequently feature both binaries and the resource code), freedom to copy, modify and also distribute it.
  9. Do lots of people make use of Linux?
  10. Today Linux is ending up being preferred. There are many individuals that are nerds neither computer system experts turning to Linux on a daily basis. During the last 5 years Linux developed to become extremely easy to use, and for some tasks much more than Microsoft Windows.
  11. Can I run a Windows program on Linux?
  12. Basically no. Linux as well as Windows are so various that a program created as well as assembled for Windows won’t work on Linux and also the other way around. An exemption may be done for Java programs, offered that the Java Virtual Maker is set up in the system. Nevertheless, a few programmer teams as well as software firms are dedicated in developing emulators that enable, under particular conditions, to run some Windows programs on Linux.
  13. Exist programs for linux similar to those working on home windows?
  14. Yes. For the most common tasks we can state that every Windows program has its cost-free equivalent on Linux. In many cases Linux supplies greater than one alternative. The most popular are Firefox for net browsing, Open Workplace for office automation (word processing, spreadsheet, discussion, drawing, html pages, database and even more), Development as an e-mail customer, The Gimp for image and also photo adjustment.
  15. Can I run Microsoft Workplace on linux?
  16. No. Microsoft revealed that they will certainly never port (i.e. make it suitable) Microsoft Office to Linux. However, it is possible to run the original code (with some restrictions, I presume) utilizing a Windows emulator.
  17. Is Linux easy to find out?
  18. Linux has actually come to be really user friendly nowadays. For a normal user the discovering curve is not steeper after that for discovering Windows or MacOs.

These are some fundamental responses to questions people ask me when I tell them I make use of Linux. It still appears odd to the majority of them that somebody nowadays can use an operating system that neither Windows nor MacOs.

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