Once you have installed and opened DVD2SVCD go to the Misc tab and change the output file type to MPEG-1. A safety tip is to check the Don’t delete any files box, but its up to you.

As we are converting a DVD to VCD, please make sure that the Input file is set to DVD – you should also set DVD2SVCD to Advanced.

Next, on the DVD Rip tab, check the Activate DVD Ripping check box and choose your destination folder for the ripped files. Note that DVD files use a lot of space, so choose a folder on a hard drive that has enough free space.

In the DVD2AVI tab you just have to select the folder that you want to save the project in. Just to keep it simple, you could choose the folder in which you chose to save the ripped DVD file.

The Audio tab is a bit more complicated. We only need one of the audio tracks from the DVD, make sure that Audio 2 Priority 1 is unchecked. Then choose the language that you want to rip from the DVD. Audio 1 Bitrate should be set to 224. And you should check the Audio 1 downsample 48 -> 44.1kHz. Leave Audio 1 Priority 2 blank and finally, for the best sound quality choose stereo as output mode.

In the Frameserver tab you should set Resize to VCD (352×240/288) and to ensure the best quality set the Resize Method to BicubicResize.

In the Bitrate tab click on Use Deafault. And change all of the CD size dropdowns to whatever CD size you are planning to use.

In the Encoder tab you should choose TMPGEnc. The TMPGEnc x.xx folder should be the folder where you installed TMPGEnc. The Save in folder should be a folder on a hard disk with at least 1.5Gbs of free space. I would always choose the folder that I save the ripped files to. the VCD format only allows for Constant bitrate, so in Rate Control Mode, choose that. Field Order should be set to Automatic and as Motion search precision is what makes all the difference in quality of a VCD movie, this should be set to Highest quality (very slow).

In the Matrix tab select Use current encoder standard matrix.

In the bbMPEG tab change the Save in folder to the same folder as the one you saved the ripped DVD file. The hard drive should have another free 3 GB.

Now we get to the subtitles. Since we want subtitles for our VCD movie, we want to check the Rip Subtitles checkbox. After that, you simple choose the language you want for your subtitles in the Subtitle Lang 1 dropdown menu. You will need to choose a Save In Folder that has about 10MB of free space. I recommend choosing the folder in which you saved the ripped DVD files.

In the CD Image tab you choose the folder to which the final CD image will be saved. This folder needs to have about 1.5GB of free space. Again, choose the ripped DVD files folder. A neat little feature is to Select Include movie info on CD. This will save information and images from the cover with the movie – you don’t need to do this, but it’s kind of cool – and also select VCDImager. Then click on Movie info (IMDB).

In the new window that DVD2SVCD has opened, you can search IMDB for the movie’s data. Search for the movie, select the correct search result item and click OK.

In the Conversion tab you need to click the Compact Disc icon next to the IFO File line. This will make DVD2SVCD go through the DVD to check for data like audio tracks, length, subtitles and so on.

Now you should turn your attention to the aspect ration dropdown menu. This part is very important as it will have dramatic and negative effect on your end result if you do it wrong! Check the back of your DVD’s cover. You should choose the aspect ratio that you find on your DVD cover.

Now click Go.

In the pop up menu you should choose Preview video (still picture) which will open another window where you can check all your settings.

In the Preview Video window you can see a frame from the movie. Use this to check if the aspect ratio is all right. If it is difficult to see from that frame, simply click New Frame. Then click OK when you are done.

Now, back in the Conversion menu, click Go and then select Rip and convert. You now get to choose a subtitle language. I know you have already set this, but sometimes that tab does not work properly. Then click OK.