The Nintendo Dual Display (DS) video games console can be taken into consideration to be a womanly console contrasted to the macho Sony PSP. It is very popular amongst children of junior college age (7 as well as up) however is likewise popular among older young people as well as young adults. The Nintendo DS is a mobile console which is quite different from the earlier consoles made by Nintendo (the Game Cube and also Video Game Young Boy); a handheld console similar in size to the original Video game Kid but with dual colour displays and also high quality graphics.

The Console

The DS is tiny, pivoted along the centre. When flipped open, there is an upper as well as a reduced screen which can be slanted at a variety of angles to suit the light conditions or individual preference. Both screens are 6cm x 4.5 centimeters in size. The controls are unique compared with various other Nintendo gaming consoles. A touch screen stylus allows you to move around by touching the reduced screen with a slim stick (stylus pen), which can be kept safely within an unique port near the joint of the DS. There are likewise control pads to enable you to move if you favor this approach.

The console is little enough to fit into a largish pocket and really feels solid and also well made. Harsh measurements are 15cm wide x 8cm long x 3cm thick. However, one decline on a difficult surface might seriously damage the DS so a video game case is very valuable for carrying the DS when not in use. The DS does nonetheless feature a wrist strap. A DS bring instance is a good idea for the secure storage of tiny video game discs.

The console is currently readily available in silver, pink as well as pale blue.

There are two video game ports. DS games are extremely little (and also conveniently lost), measuring approximately 2cm x 2cm. The video game simply presses right into one of the slots. The 2nd slot (situated at the end of the console) is for Video game Kid Development games which will certainly also collaborate with the DS. The larger sized Game Child Colour video games will certainly nevertheless not fit.

The Controls

The A, B, X as well as Y switches lie to the right of the lower display. There are also Begin and also Select buttons. The cross designed joystick controller lies to the left of the bottom screen and also over this the power button. This is in a placement where it can not easily be activated or off by mishap. The quantity button is located under the edge of the console.

Other Features

The DS has a built in Microphone which is used in particular video games such as Nintendogs for voice activation. There is also a port for a mobile microphone along with a port for earphones. DS video games can for that reason be played with noise on, with earphones, without annoying anybody else around!

The DS operates a Wi-Fi cordless network, which permits connection with various other DS users within a range of up to 30m. The DS likewise comes with PictoChat software mounted, a kind of instantaneous carrier, permitting approximately 16 users to talk at the same time. The DS additionally has a real-time clock, day and also alarm function.

Power Supply

The DS does not operate standard batteries however it has a battery pack comparable to that in a cell phone which requires billing with a power adapter. The adapter includes the DS console and is linked into the keys as well as the cable into the DS power supply port near the DS hinge. When completely charged, the DS can be used for 6-10 hrs prior to requiring a re-charge. A full charge takes about 4 hrs as well as a light goes from red to eco-friendly once the DS is completely billed. The battery life ought to last for around 500 charges yet replacement batteries can be purchased.

Technical Specifications

Size: 148.7 mm large, 84.7 mm long, 28.9 mm thick

Leading Display: Back-lit 3″ semi-transparent reflective TFT colour LCD screen with 256×192 pixel resolution and 0.24 mm dot pitch.

Base Screen: Like Leading Display but with transparent analogue touch display.

Colour: With the ability of presenting 260,000 colours.

Ease of Usage

When the Nintendo DS is activated, both screens brighten white. To continue, the lower display needs to be touched with either your finger or the stylus to load up the game. When you use the DS for the first time you will certainly be asked to set numerous setups such as the time and also day. After that you can move straight onto your video game. Private games have their very own integrated flash memory card to enable you to save the game each time you play it. Some games conserve automatically, others do not. It is worth keeping in mind that if your DS lacks cost, you will certainly not be able to save your video game, so it is a good idea to charge the DS up in between uses.


There are numerous accessories available consisting of screen guards, cases, headphone, microphone, extra battery, spare stylus sticks, thumb stylus. Auto charger and also video games cases.


The Nintendo DS is an excellent looking console which is extremely portable. With the illuminati displays it supplies really useful entertainment for passengers on long trips even in the dark. The selection of video games available make the DS suitable for a vast array of individuals. Whilst mostly marketed at children, lots of grownups also take pleasure in playing games on the DS. The touch display controls take the console into a various league compared to the Game Child precursor but does not have several of the functions that come with the Sony PSP (eg integrated in MP3 as well as capability to play flicks). The DS however is an actually preferred console globally and provides excellent display graphics at nearly half the rate of the PSP. Whilst the DS is less manly than its rival, it supplies fantastic home entertainment at an extra budget friendly rate.

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