Right here is the situation. A laptop computer comes to us with a dead hard disk. Sadly, the customer requires some files off the dead drive. After much research study online and also a couple of data recovery quotes we determine to try and also recoup the information ourselves.

The good news is for us the drive won’t rotate up at all. I state luckily because the usual issue is that the circuit board on the bottom of the drive is spoiled. That doesn’t mean that something else isn’t the trouble, however changing the circuit card is the simplest thing to try.

The initial point needed is one more hard disk. That might seem easy yet it isn’t. You require an identical hard drive, and by the same I mean the very same version number, component number, firmware, whatever. In our situation we had a Hitachi Travelstar hard disk drive that had three numbers to match. The important numbers were the version number, part number, as well as MLC number. I think the MLC number has something to do with the firmware alteration but do not estimate me on that particular. After speaking to Hitachi I was described by a firm called CueTech. They concentrate on discovering “tough to discover” or out-of-date computer components. They wished to bill between $200 as well as $400 for the drive, which I thought was affordable for the work required to locate one. As opposed to using them I made a decision to search on my very own and also after two days, still had not discovered another drive for sale that met my needs. We then began searching in home for similar laptop computers and discovered one that had the same drive. Currently we stayed in business.

Now that we had our drive, we were required to shield ourselves due to the fact that the individual wanted their maker back in functioning order. So before we started any kind of type of surgery we made a ghost image of their hard disk. After waiting the 20 minutes approximately for the backup to finish we started the surgery. Initially we got rid of the hard disk drive from the functioning system and also laid it on a static pad with the motherboard up. We after that utilized a T-5 Torx drive to eliminate the screws safeguarding the motherboard to the disk drive. Your drive may require a different dimension or style of screwdriver. We then duplicated the procedure on the bad drive. We put the motherboard from the excellent drive onto the dead hard disk and placed it back in the laptop computer. It started! As soon as we brand-new it functioned we after that arrangement the system to make a fast drive photo. After waiting an additional 20 mins we had a drive image of the poor hard drive and our data was recouped.

To end up the procedure we had to put the circuit board back on the original great disk drive and also validate that it was working properly. When that was finished and also the laptop computer returned to its proprietor, we installed a new hard disk drive in the system that had the initial issue. The last step was to restore the drive picture to the new hard drive, validate that it functioned, as well as provide the laptop back to the proprietor.

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