Intro to FLV

Although you may see FLV data around the web everyday, you may not know what and exactly how it is made use of. FLV is the extension for the Flash Video Files, supported by Adobe. Flash Video Record are primarily used to deliver video clip online utilizing the widespread ‘Adobe Flash Player’ which can be installed as a plugin on a lot of web browsers. FLV was initially created by Macromedia.

As a default online video clip layout for preferred video clip websites such as Hulu, VEVO, Yahoo! Video, metacafe,, the FLV video clip format rose to popularity. A lot of computer customers did not understand what to do with this file, as Windows Media Player, does not support the FLV layout. This has actually created the up-rise of FLV Players, a software, particularly designed to play those FLV Videos without the requirement of the Adobe Flash Gamer Plugin or a web browser.

FLV Software

As the video clip style became prevalent, software programs, such as FLV Gamers as well as Converters became an internet feeling.


Converters allowed web customers, who downloaded and install a video in FLV style, to convert it to Windows Media Playable formats, such as AVI, WMV, MP4 and so forth. These converters function by processing every structure, and also outputting them in a various layout. This typically resulted in bigger video dimensions.


Due to the long time it required to transform FLV video clips, specifically the ones that were greater than an hour long, FLV Players became an additional prominent tool on the web. These gamers work by embedding the Adobe Flash Plugin in to their own interface, playing any flash video file that gets opened up. These video players have a comparable user interface as Windows Media Player with the ability to permit you to navigate in reverse and also onward through video clips as well as play them in a loophole. You can also adjust the quantity, silence it, and also readjust the size of the video clip.

Recording Making Use Of FLV

FLV files are incredibly prominent in recording and also streaming videos because of their lossless function. Lossless means that the top quality of the video clip does not lower when recording, meaning your video clip would not lag, obscure or distort. Webcams as well as Display Recorders all make use of the FLV Layout as default.

Quick Framework

The framework of a FLV document is technically intricate, for this reason, I will only damage the surface of it. Inside any kind of Flash video clip, there is a trademark, ‘FLV’, determining the video clip as FLV. So incase of wrong data formats, such as an AVI data being named as a FLV file, the FLV player can identify it. After the trademark, the core attributes of that specific FLV video clip are specified:






The width/height establishes the size as well as elevation (the resolution) of the FLV video.

The duration determines how long the FLV video plays.

The frame-rate establishes exactly how quickly the video is relocating per second, in structures.

The key structure, specifically in computer animation and also film-making, is an illustration that defines the beginning and finishing factors of any type of smooth transition

Audio as well as Video

The sound and also video clip are individually installed into the FLV documents as 2 smaller sized FLV files. When opened, both combine, developing an aesthetic video clip and audio noise.

Now What?

Now that you know much more about the prominent FLV video clip format, I recommend you go as well as attempt it on your own. Download a FLV file and then play it with a FLV Player.

For instance:

Download FLV Player

Mount FLV Player (Usually sets up within seconds).

Drag and also Drop your FLV Video Into The FLV Gamer (Discover your FLV video from your desktop computer or disk drive as well as drag it into the Player).

Congratulations, you have simply played a FLV file! Now sit back as well as relax as you appreciate your freshly learnt video clip format.