The Korean tech giant Samsung is known in the world for its advanced electronic gadgets as well as the highly technological integration systems. Samsung stands out in the race of tech companies due to their innovative ideas. From the watches that could attend and make calls like cell phones to foldable mobile phones, Samsung has never stopped its mission to create something new. Not only do they make hardware, such as gears and mobile phones, but Samsung has also launched multiple applications as well. They have a wide network of online services that can be accessed anywhere around the world. Samsung has even created its internet browser application, along with other noticeable applications like Samsung health, and Smart Switch. One of the commonly used and known applications by this company is the Samsung accessory service. Now if you are wondering what is Samsung accessory service, here is everything you need to know.

Here we will not only discuss what is Samsung accessory service, but also the latest accessories so stick with us to find out more.

What Is Samsung Accessory Service?

What Is Samsung Accessory Service

Let’s quickly go over what is Samsung accessory service, its characteristics, installation, and other relevant information.

Samsung accessory service is an application that was designed by Samsung Corporation to provide a secure environment for mobile phones to connect with external Samsung devices. The detailed answer to the question what is Samsung accessory service? literally lies in the question itself. It is an accessory management service by Samsung that is accessible for cell phones of any company or brand, and not just Samsung phones.

If you have any of the Samsung external devices such as Samsung watches or smart gear, this application is going to be needed in your phone. With the Samsung accessory service app, users can enjoy plenty of features that are enabled in the Samsung gear and other external gadgets. If you have more than one device connected to your phone, this app helps you maintain all of them effectively. Some of the common devices people attach to their phones using the Samsung accessory service app include; Galaxy Gear, Samsung Gear Fit 2, Samsung Gear S series, Samsung Galaxy Watches, and Samsung NX-1.

Now that you’re aware of what is Samsung accessory service, let’s go over its main features.


It is not only important to know what is Samsung accessory service is but also to understand the features it provides. The Samsung accessory service has the following characteristics:

  • Connection And Management: This characteristic of the app helps you understand what is Samsung accessory service. So basically people install this app and connect their external devices to their phones using the app. Once connected, all of the functions and the data of the external devices can be managed from this application. The data from your watches or Samsung gear can also be synced to your phone data using this service.
  • Sending And Receiving Files: You can easily transfer files to and from your device into your phone using this app. It provides a safe model of connectivity for various mobile company servers and helps them transfer external device data easily across their phone. If you’ve understood what is Samsung accessory service, then you would understand that it can be used for file transfer as well.
  • Web Proxy: The Samsung accessory service app also provides the proxy function for its users. It filters the websites requesting your IP addresses and enhances the performance of the phone.

Permissions And Compatibility

Permissions and Compatibility

Many apps on the Google play store and App store, ask permission for your location and access to personal files such as photos and videos. But the only type of permission Samsung accessory service asks from your phone is for storage. You have to allow the storage permission to this app for the files transfer from your phone to the external device and vice versa.

Since the Samsung accessory service app is only available for android phones, Apple users might not know what is Samsung accessory service. The application is compatible with any phone with the Android operating system. Although for the optimum performance and regular updates of this service, Android version 6.0 or higher is preferred.


For installing this app on your mobile phone, all you have to do is; go to your Google play store and search for the Samsung accessory service. Among the top searches, you will see this app with its blue logo, with a small phone on it. After confirming that it is from the Samsung electronics, from the app description, simply tap on the install button and it will automatically start to download on your phone. That’s it, your application is ready to be used.


For those of you wondering what is Samsung accessory service and why do I need this on my phone, here is your answer. If you have bought any of the Samsung smart accessories like fitness bands and watches, you are going to need this app from the Google play store. This application is essential for those accessories to function and sync with your cell phones. If you have a Samsung Galaxy watch and you uninstall this app, all of your synced data from the external device on the phone will be lost. So, unless you are no longer using those devices or you have shifted to Apple gear, you will need to install Samsung accessory service app on your phone.

Recurring Issues With Samsung Accessory Service App And Their Solutions

“Transferring File Please Wait”

Over the past couple of months, people have been looking up the solution for Samsung accessory service transferring file error. Many users have reported seeing a notification from the Samsung accessory service on their phones which says transferring file please wait. No wonder why so many people are worried about this problem because your phone telling you that some files are being transferred without your knowledge can be scary. The issue was mostly reported by the Samsung Galaxy S series users after they updated the app on their phones. Be mindful that the Samsung accessory service transferring file notification is not a bug or something new. It is a regular notification that the app sends after you make a file transfer but seeing it all the time is what’s making people worried. Some users even received this notification after every call, which raises a lot of concerns.


According to the Samsung company experts, the best solution for this problem is to reinstall the application from the google play store. This helps the files to be installed properly after an update and you won’t be seeing this notification any more. What happens is that sometimes after an update the files are not completely downloaded which causes the app to send the same messages again and again. If you still face this issue after reinstalling the app, you can unpair your external Samsung device from your phone, restart the phone, and re-pair the device again. Another solution is to clear all of the caches from your phone settings or force stop the Samsung accessory service app.

Battery Drainage

You may have come across this during your search for “what is Samsung accessory service?”. After the latest update of the Samsung accessory service app, another common issue reported by a lot of app users was regarding the battery life of their external devices. People reported that their phone battery was also draining faster than usual. Most of the cases of battery drainage for the Samsung gear came from the One Plus mobile customers after the recent android update. The fast power drainage of the Samsung Gear makes them useless and inaccurate for the consumers and hinders the satisfactory user experience.


For all those facing this issue, this problem is solved by deactivating the optimization for the battery option on the external device apps. For example, if you use a Samsung Galaxy watch, go to your Samsung accessory service app and turn off the battery optimization option from there. This deactivates the optimization process for your external device plugins and store battery. If you are not sure what Samsung accessory service battery optimization, here is the answer; it is a process that keeps the other apps active by rebooting them. With the apps being closed and restarted again and again, the battery is likely to drain a lot, that’s the reason shutting down the optimization saves battery. If you see a notice that turning off the optimization process can harm your battery, there is nothing to worry about and deactivate it anyway.

Pop-Up Notifications

Another issue that has been highlighted by the Samsung accessory service users is the notification pop-up glitch. Now if have never heard about what is Samsung accessory service pop-up issue, you are lucky, because it has been an irritating experience for a lot of people. Some users have stated that after the same update that has caused the other two problems as well, they started getting a notification that will pop up again and again even after they close the notification. This is exactly the message you get in that pop-up notification; “the Samsung accessory service is no longer available”.


The solution for this problem is again reinstalling and downloading the app after syncing and deleting the old data from it. For many people, the issue was soon resolved after they stopped the notifications permission for this app from their phone settings. Turning off the notifications for this particular application will most likely solve this issue.

Latest Samsung Mobile Accessories

Latest Samsung Mobile Accessories

Now that you know all the details about what is Samsung accessory service, let’s quickly go over some of the latest mobile gadgets by the brand.

Every year Samsung launches new and advanced phones along with some of the most innovative accessories as well. In the year 2020, Samsung has created some new accessories for the upgraded phones such as power adapters, audio accessories, pens, protection cases, and other gadgets.

Here are some of Samsung mobile accessories.

Samsung S20 Plus Accessories

  • Clear View Cover: this cover for the Samsung S20 plus is an original Samsung product. It is made for the extra care and protection of your advanced mobile device. It is known as the clear view cover because it is semi-transparent which helps you see the incoming calls, time, and messages without lifting the cover. This Clear view cover for Samsung S20 plus is extremely durable and can bear harsh weather.
  • Samsung S20 Plus Waterproof Case: although all of the Samsung Galaxy devices are known to be waterproof, it is still okay to protect them against unnecessary moisture. This waterproof case stops drops of water or any other liquid from going into the system of your phone.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Fe 5G Accessories

  • Tempered Glass Screen Protector: For the gorgeous Samsung S20 Fe and S20 Fe 5G, Samsung has designed special screen protectors, that protect the delicate edge technology of their phones. This protector has tempered glass that is built with the shockproof feature by the Samsung. The quality of Samsung Galaxy S20 Fe Accessories is top-notch and the thickness of this protector is hardly noticeable with a figure of only 0.3mm.
  • Samsung S20 Fe Tempered Glass Camera Lens: this camera lens is to keep the high-quality camera of your phone secure from scratches and cracks. Made with first-rate glass with a thickness of 0.2 mm, the camera lens does not interrupt the camera performance and efficiency of your phone.

Samsung Other Accessories


Samsung has introduced its Galaxy Buds pro in the audio accessories category, which has made them a strong competitor in the earbuds market. The Galaxy buds pro uses sound-canceling technology that lets you escape the reality of the world and drown in the symphony of your music. You can find the Galaxy buds pro in several different colors and textures. It is a great Samsung phone accessory to have.

Smart Tags

Samsung has recently launched the Samsung Galaxy Smart tags that came into the market to make our life hassle-free. The Samsung galaxy smart tags can be attached to any of your stuff, such as your car keys, purse, backpack, wallet, and other gadgets. The purpose of the smart tag is to find anything that gets easily lost or you forget where you placed them. with the smart tag attached to your belongings, you can keep a track of where your purse or keys are just with a tap on your phone. Smart tags are one of the greatest Samsung cell phone accessories in recent times.

Adapters And Battery Packs

Samsung is well known for its power accessories such as adapter and battery banks. They have a wide variety of wireless battery packs with up to 25W of power. The best thing about the 25W wireless battery pack is that you can charge more than one device on it simultaneously. Being wireless, it is super portable and with the intricate design, it is very easy to carry around as well. So, all of these devices are what is Samsung accessory service app used for.